Life and Craft in Columbus, OH

Webworke.rs is a website about folks who make websites in Columbus, OH. We exist to promote our fellow denizens of design and development by featuring both their words and work. Our goal is to draw attention to the great quality of creative and technical output in our city, as too often we seek inspiration from afar, instead of nearby. We are committed to being inclusive by profiling people regardless of their background, experience, or discipline.


David Ensinger

David Ensinger is a Front End Developer for Acceptd, the world’s largest arts network. He’s lately been interested in building performant, usable, and accessible websites. To learn more about his development interests, visit davidensinger.com or follow him on Twitter at @DavidEnsinger.

Don’t get the impression that he’s all business, though. His other interests include his girlfriend, the liberal arts, personal finance , and staying physically fit and eating well. Follow him on Twitter at @DforDavid or visit his oft-neglected blog at Republic of the Spirit.