Colophon runs on Jekyll, with a lot of help from Grunt. The site was scaffolded by Yeoman and generator-jekyllrb, the latter being a project of @robwierzbowski.

Grunt Dependencies

There are more than two dozen dependencies installed by generator-jekyllrb, as well as additional ones that I’ve added to the project. Here are the ones that are most notable (to me):

Jekyll Plugins

The site currently only uses one plugin of note, which is:

Front End Dependencies

There are a couple additional dependencies that are managed with Bower:

  • loadCSS, a function for loading CSS asynchronously
  • matchMedia.js, a polyfill for testing media queries, which is used in concert with Picturefill
  • OptimizedWebfontLoading, a function for asychronously loading web fonts and storing them in localStorage for subsequent pageloads
  • Picturefill an approach for responsive images that mimics the proposed picture element.
  • smooth-scroll a simple vanilla JS script to animate scrolling to anchor links.


The type is set in two typefaces:


The DNS is hosted by CloudFlare, while the site is hosted on GitHub Pages. You can find the source in the site’s repository. Please feel free to file an issue, submit a pull request, or fork the project, which has the MIT license.